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On a Wing and a Prayer

A city’s centenary, a mayor with big ideas, a beloved confectioner with deep pockets, a world besotted with aeroplanes, an inter-hemispherical air race flown by dare devils, a once-in-a-lifetime storm, a Dutch plane in peril, and arguably the most remarkable thinkers of the entire episode – the people of Albury – together created one of Australia’s most remarkable, but unrecognised stories. On a wing and a prayer: the race that stopped the world tells the true story of a race distinguished by its big thinking, international focus, madness, bravery and genius – the 1934 MacRoberston Trophy, London to Melbourne air race.

Blind Optimist

On 14 March 1951, 23-year old Lieutenant Lawrence McCredie lay on Puckapunyal’s gunnery range. His right eye and right arm were gone; his left eye was ruined, and cerebral fluid leaked from skull fissures. He should have died right there, but he didn’t. This book tells the story of this extraordinary man who refused to be shunted to the margins, refused to be defined by disability, refused to be diminished by adversity and refused to mourn for what might have been. Instead he reinvented himself and achieved great things. This chronicle of Lawrie’s life reveals a man of great intellect, humour and humility.

From One Pebble, Many Pearls

Cabrini Health is a multi-faceted private health provider. This book picks up the history from when the single hospital in Malvern began to spread into other campuses housing aged care, palliative care, rehabilitation, and medical research, along with biomedical technology interests. The book covers the period from, 1999 to 2012 during which this exponential growth occurred.

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